Lock & Shop Program


With our Lock & Shop program, you can shop for a home without worrying about rising mortgage interest rates.



Buying a home can often be complicated and stressful. In order to reduce anxiety over rising interest rates, Howard Hanna Mortgage offers a program called “Lock & Shop.” With this program, borrowers can lock in today’s low interest rate, providing potential homebuyers peace of mind while still looking for a home.

Typically, you need a purchase contract before you can lock in an interest rate on your mortgage. But with our new Lock & Shop program, you can get rate protection for up to 75 days! You’ll have 30 days* to find a home and execute a Sales Agreement, then you can use the remaining term of the lock to close on your property.

Our Lock & Shop program gives you the opportunity to save money, should interest rates continue to rise, and helps you manage your homebuying budget by letting you know that you’re pre-approved for a mortgage at a specific rate.

A Howard Hanna Mortgage Loan Originator can provide you with more information about our Lock & Shop program. Get pre-qualified now to help us connect you to a loan originator near you.


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*Fully executed Sales Agreement must be provided to Howard Hanna Mortgage within 30 days of rate lock or lock is void. Loan must close within 75 days of the rate lock. Other product restrictions apply.


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